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Chinese teenager Hunter Su completed an encouraging first year of European competition with a try-out for the Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup (SAATC), held last week at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. Although not selected for the series for 2016, Su reflects fondly on the experience which will no doubt help him greatly next season.

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Su made it to the penultimate session despite a small crash early on, now fully aware of the step forwarded he needs to make to be considered for future selection.

Hunter Su – Team China: “Being accepted to try out for the Asia Talent Cup has been one of the biggest motivations for me. When I saw this championship in 2013, I told myself, this is where I need to be! I applied first in 2014 but unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to go the selection. I wasn’t surprised as I only had a year of riding experience. However, after a year riding in the Honda Copa Championship in Spain I was selected to go this year. I was really nervous before I got on the bike, I found my body started shaking, this has never happened to me before, not even for races. In the first session I got used to the bike and gradually picked up my pace. I made a mistake by turning the small wheeled scooter too fast in the chicane and tucked the front making a small high-side. In the second session I was just concentrating on being smooth and nothing else. After the second session, they started to cut off riders in the groups. Surprisingly I was one of the ones that was asked to stay for the third round. I pushed all out, but I was not able to stay with the fast riders. I know that I’m not ready for this huge competition YET. Everyone was super-fast, especially the Malaysians. In the end, like I expected because of my pace I got cut off before the last session but nevertheless I have learned so much and am truly grateful for this amazing opportunity! I will now return to Spain where I will start to prepare for next year.”

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Hunter will announce his 2016 plans shortly. In the meantime stay up to date with him via his new and interactive website:

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