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Since arriving on the BSB scene Jayson Uribe has gone from strength to strength. Scoring championship points in every event he has started, the talented young American has achieved 4 podium finishes so far this year out of 7 races and has not finished lower than 5th in 2014, leaving him in a strong 3rd  in the overall standings.

His outright speed and consistency in the UK has brought him to the attention of several prominent names within the sport, resulting in him being invited to contest the upcoming round of the French Moto 3 championship at the Carole circuit near Paris on August 30th – 31st.

Jayson Uribe

An American rider in Superbike Moto 3 French Championship!

RACE EXPERIENCE JUNIOR, was created by Sebastien Gimbert, in association with Fabrice Lock, with the goals of improving performance, speed, race-craft and safety for young, talented and upcoming motorcycle racers. Gimbert’s professional, multidisciplinary environment, coaching and advice will help prepare these young riders for a career in top-tier, international motorcycle racing.

The next French championship race event will happen near Paris, at the “Carole” Racing Facility – Tremblay en France(93). Race Experience Junior and its partner MOTUL, with support of the other Race Experience Junior partners, have decided to welcome a young talented Californian rider, Jayson Uribe ( to compete in the Moto 3 class. As a teammate, Jayson will have Race Experience Junior regular riders: Hugo Casadesus, who is currently leading the Moto 3 French Championship and Mickael Coupe, who is leading the Pre-Moto 3 French Championship.

Jayson is only 15 years old and has already produced many excellent results in The UK Moto 3 Championship this year, with podium finishes in four (4) races out of seven (7). To be able to undertake European competition at 15 demonstrates his major determination and commitment to a career in motorsports, and aligns perfectly with the Race Experience Junior Program.

Sébastien Gimbert: “We are very pleased to welcome Jayson for the upcoming race weekend. We hope to be able to provide him with useful advice and a excellent experience within our professional and attentive team, in order for him to be able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and allow him to continue to develop his riding and knowledge at the highest-level of competition. From a more personal standpoint, I am delighted to be able to once again, act as the “older brother” of a young and super talented rider and to be able to share the best of my experience with him”

Jayson Uribe: “I received the news from my parents the day that I got back from my last race at Thruxton. I am beyond excited to meet everyone, to ride their Moto 3 bike and couldn’t be more proud to be able to take advantage of Sebastien’s coaching and advice. I plan on making the very most of this opportunity, using it to the fullest, and can’t wait to see how I stack up against the French riders. Thus far, my understanding from the team is that I’m to “enjoy and to learn as much as possible”, where I plan to do just that, I will also do my very best to do well, as a thanks to Race Experience Junior and Motul . I can’t wait to ride with them! “

Fabrice Lock: ” This initiative, conducted jointly with Motul, merges the global approach and goals that we began to implement earlier this year. Launching in 2015, our Riding School and “Kid’s Race Challenge” programs, have the objectives to introduce a young generation of riders to the speed, thrill and competition of professional motorcycle racing. The very best riders to come out of these programs with have the opportunity to be able to join Race Experience Junior. As for Jayson, with Sebastien and Motul, we decided it would be a good idea to be able to integrate him into our structure for this race, we believe this totally new experience should help him to develop and raise his level of performance. Furthermore, his profile, attitude, background and experience are representative of what we will be looking for in the winner of the “Kids Race Challenge”.

Pascal Tomek – European Coordinator – COE Powersports MOTUL: “With Race Experience, we get to share and introduce, the exciting world and very best of what motorcycle racing can offer the young generation of upcoming racers. We are convinced that Race Experience, with its riding school, the “Kids Race Challenge” program and its Race Experience Junior structure is particularly well equipped to reach this goal, at the international level and in a state of mind corresponding to Motul values. We are also very happy that Jayson has been selected by Race Experience Junior for this race event, because he is participating to the Moto3 British championship for which Motul is the main partner.”

Thanks to Motul for the official press release above. A full review of the event with images will follow after the event.


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