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American teenager Jayson Uribe produced his best race of the year in the BSB Motostar final round at Brands Hatch, claiming 7th position in appalling conditions to secure 11th position in the overall championship in his debut season.

Uribe who had qualified in a lowly 28th position due to a poor qualifying session, once again showed his talent by carving through the field in a shortened race on Sunday owing to a red flag in the initial start.

Passing 12 riders in 3 corners, Uribe rode superbly, riding his Rock & Sons Racing Honda around the sodden Brands Hatch circuit as if it were on rails and he didn’t stop there.

Picking off riders seemingly at will before defending hard on the last lap, Uribe would claim another incredible top 10 finish and have the added accolade of being the only rider in the series to score championship points in every race.

Reflecting on the season, Jayson acknowledges the support of everyone who has helped him this year and has vowed to be back in 2014.

Jayson Uribe – 11th overall in the 2013 BSB Motostar Championship: “One thing that I know for sure is that I am not the same racer now as I was just 8 months ago when my family and I accepted the UK challenge and hopped the pond.  My techniques in riding have changed, I have tightened up my lines and I am capable of working on all different types of cylinders, pistons, and exhausts that just aren’t as readily available in the States. We have faced challenges, had many laughs, and in the end, we have decided to come back in 2014 and make it a repeat appearance for the Americans in the BSB paddock. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me this year, I cannot wait for next season to start”

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