“Working with Michael Hill Promotions has been a very exciting experience, and their expertise has been vital in my return to racing in 2013. They are able to accommodate virtually any request you have, and they work very fast. And given their past experience in racing itself, they know how to make interviews, presentations and logos etc. fit your style.Promotion is vital, not only for yourself, but the the people and sponsors who support you, and choosing the right PR partner is very important. Working Michael Hill Promotions is one of the best investments you can make as a racer, and sponsors really enjoy the results!”
Christopher Hower, Hower Racing


“Michael’s expertise has played a crucial part in getting my results and information out to my sponsors, supporters and the media. With Michael being trackside and getting all the information first hand, as it happens, he is able to issue a press releases directly after each qualifying and race.Michael also produced personal and grid interviews with me at each meeting, where I can discuss my thoughts on the racing and also talk a little about my sponsors, which gives me more exposure than just conventional press media. I am looking forward to working with Michael again in 2013.”
Matt Davies


“Michael Hill Promotions has been of great support to Stinius Viking Racing in the 2012 season. He has marketed us in a very professional manner through the European Junior Cup, with his engaging work and his positive nature.Michael Hill Promotions and MPH TV made a promotional video for us of very high quality, which we are always proud of showing to potential sponsors. Team Stinius Viking Racing is looking forward to seeing MHP and MPH TV again in the 2013 season.”
Terje & Stinius, Stinius Viking Racing


“During the 2012 season I was pleased to work with michael hill promotions. Michael’s TV interviews are great and he’s very profesional. I like his style and he also helped me during the 2013 season so far. He took care of my english press releases last year also and every time I was very happy with his work. I’m looking forward to work with him again in 2013!”
Alex Baldolini, World Supersport Rider


“Michael worked closely with the European Junior Cup in the previous two seasons. His enthusiasm and energy are infectious and he’s great fun to work with. Several of the riders have chosen Michael to represent them privately following his work with them in our championship”
Simon Rayner, Series Director, European Junior Cup, Official support series to the FIM ENI World Superbike Championship


“Michael had the perfect logo designed for us in just a couple of days. Not only was the logo great but he’s fun to work with and always professional.”
Brandon Kyee Racing


“Michael Hill Promotions has been a big part of my European championship success this season. Not just with media coverage, Michael has been encouraging and supportive both on and off track. Michael Hill Promotions Official Press Releases and one on one TV interview’s are very professional and detailed. It is great to have someone like Michael on site at each round to be able to send Press Releases and Interviews out to people all over the globe and to the important people that have helped you get to where you are today, like your sponsors. This is great because it save’s yourself time and effort on the race weekend when you may not have the time to sit down and do a proper professional job like Michael. I would like to thank Michael and his team for what they have done for me this season in the World Superbike Paddock, it has truly been a great help.”
Jake Lewis, 2013 PATA European Junior Cup Champion


“Michael Hill has been a true asset to our program. His ability add the “spice and sizzle” to our race reports never fail to please our families, fans, and sponsors. Michael consistently produced on time media that helped Jayson get the additional press in the United States as well as in the United Kingdom due to his extensive networking reach. We strongly recommend using Mr. Hill as a media representative. He not only uses the latest technology to capture his target audience with plenty of point and click options, but includes action shots as well as candid photos of the racer for those who opt to just read and scroll through the press release. We always appreciated the personal interest that he took in Jayson’s race program as well has his regular life; he was genuine and caring. Rare traits to be found in today’s world. We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Michael as Jayson continues to race for years to come.”
Becky Uribe, Rock & Sons Racing Director

“Thank you Michael! Your race reports brought the stories of my riding back home to my friends and family while I was racing overseas in the United Kingdom! The press releases helped take my program to the next level, thank you!”
Jayson Uribe, BSB Motostar Championship contender

“After seeing Michael Hill Promotions in action during the last round of the Danish Championship, and Michael’s efficiency and professionalism, we decided to contact MHP about a collaboration.Working with MHP has been a very good and professional experience. MHP were able to make the new Lyngholm Racing logo very fast.Lyngholm Racing is a new racing team with Frederik Lyngholm and  Kenneth Lyngholm as riders. 2013 will be a test year for  development, and learning to run the racing team. The new TKR CBR 600 RR Honda, the support from the Dutch Racing Specialist, along with the help from Michael Hill Promotions is very important for Lyngholm Racing  in achieving our goals.Michael Hill Promotions has been of vital support, for understanding and learning, the way to promote our Lyngholm Racing Team. Their promotion is vital for the team, and will boost the opportunity for building up our new team, especially with the people and sponsors who support Lyngholm Racing.Choosing Michael Hill Promotions as our PR partner has given us an image that will “open doors” in many ways.”
Kenneth and Frederik, Lyngholm Racing


“My job managing a World Supersport team, keeping sponsors, fans and publications up to date was simplified during 2013 with the help of Michael Hill Promotions. Michael has a professional approach and understanding to team work and press needs, with informative and well documented communications. Michael has a busy schedule during a race weekend but he always found time to drop by our garage to get the lowdown from the riders and team progress. I’d highly recommend MHP.”
Jeremy McWilliams, Moto GP race winner and Rivamoto World Supersport Team Manager

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